About Painter's Tape

Est 2017

               Painter’s Tape is a market driven neighborhood restaurant serving modern American cuisine.  The food is inspired by the City of Los Angeles and its diverse blend of soulful immigrant influences.  Not traditional by any means but authentic by all means. Our aim is to make the most delicious food we can to promote a lively dining experience to facilitate life living and fun having among friends.  We are people who insist on enjoying life and believe that the good things in life are meant to be shared.  We value honest food created by respecting our ingredients, our process and our people. Our offerings follow the seasons, from our ingredient driven preparations of our locally sourced produce to our hand crafted beverages.  We set out to create a neighborhood spot where good conversation, great food and extraordinary company await.  Painter’s Tape serves breakfast and lunch in the city of Gardena, CA.

                  The menu is broken down into 3 categories and is best enjoyed family style:

Breads and Sandies.  This part of the menu will feature a rotation of simple, craveable baked items that can be plain, topped, stuffed or filled.  Examples range from Thai honey toast, Yeast waffles, Curry Cheese donuts, to a roast beef bun with Worcestershire.

Eggs and Potatoes.  This part of the menu will pay homage to the humble egg and potato. Options may include a breakfast poutine with gravy, rare beef and cheese curds, rosti potatoes with crème fraiche and chives, or “green eggs and ham”.

Vegetables(mostly).  This part of the menu will be dedicated to soulful, produce driven dishes. Examples may include an heirloom tomato salad with bacon lardons and ricotta cheese or a stonefruit salad with a bruleed custard or simple charred broccoli with pickled garlic.
Beverages. Seasonal juice, unpretentious coffee, as well as local small batch food friendly brews on tap.

                  Gardena is where the heart calls home. It’s where I grew up and where I want to contribute.  The location of this restaurant has been 15 years in the making.  It is a culmination of my career that began in Northern California, France, New York and then Los Angeles.  It’s also a story of travels through Asia and weekends in Mexico. Gardena is a city that has been good to my family for 3 generations and I have a desire to give back and hopefully make it even better.